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Go Karting BANGKOK

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EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) was first opened in 2004 and has been open for go karting in Bangkok ever since. We operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It all started with a passion. After racing on a regular basis as a professional the founder of EasyKart go karting decided to share the thrill and excitement he was having on tracks to anyone with or without experience. Go Karting for all was the objective and we believe we have achieved it. We believe that if you are looking for things to do in Bangkok EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) is a must. We now have tracks in 3 locations: Bangkok (RCA), Pattaya (Bali Hai Pier) and Koh Samui (Chaweng Lake). The track in Bangkok (RCA) is an indoor go-karting track whilst the ones in Pattaya and Samui are outdoor tracks.

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If you find yourself in Bangkok and wonder about things to do, then come along to EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA), and bring along your family or friends. We are sure you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the excitement of getting into a kart and pushing yourself to the limit. In addition to the go karting you can also make use of the pool table and soccer table. Feeling thirsty or hungry? then why not enjoy a drink from the bar or order some food to keep your energy levels up. It’s a great place to spend a few hours having fun.

If you are the competitive type we’re sure you will be interested in the printed sheets which you get at the end of every session. You can see what your fastest lap was as well as your average. You can gauge your times with the others in your race or even with the fastest of the month. If you are travelling around Thailand why not try and visit all our go-kart tracks.


Cashiers: Our friendly cashiers will answer any questions you may have about the best karts to drive or the best packages to purchase. They will then guide you through the process of registering and purchasing the races.


If you need any help registering at our Self-Registration Kiosks then simply ask and you will get a pointer in the right direction.

Track staff: Our highly trained staff are here to provide you with safety rules and regulations, teach you the basics of driving on our track, and ensure your race is one of the highlight activities of your stay in Bangkok.
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Our staff are very friendly, so if you need a few tips to improve your time, don’t hesitate to ask them the right lines to take to help improve your lap times, or get recommendations on how to use the brakes and accelerator more effectively. There are up to 4 staff on track to monitor each race. Our remote-control system ensures safety for kids and adults when necessary. As safety of our guests is one of our main concerns, anyone driving dangerously will instantly be taken out of the race to let others enjoy it safely. Any or all the karts can be shut down by remote control if necessary.

Our Karts


Come go karting with us, you will find 3 different kart models to suit your needs.

*Safety equipment (crash helmet & racing suits) are provided.

**Sport shoes are compulsory (Also available for rent on site).


Finding a family friendly activity in Bangkok might seem difficult but take a look at some of the videos above and the pictures below to see how much fun others have had.

If you are the competitive type take a look at the Fastest of the Month & Track Layout page. See if you can improve on the lines shown on the Track Layout diagram.



Below you can see the fastest drivers of the previous month. For live date have a look at our Live Timing page. Times here are updated in real time. For those who drive at EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) you will get your go-karting timing sheets at the end of every race.


Come to our facility and try go Karting in Bangkok, you will find a challenging track layout which encourages you to have some fun. We change our track layout every 3 months. You can see our current layout below



Getting your staff or colleagues working as a team is an important step on the path to success. See how they make those split-second decisions on the track or in the planning of an endurance race.

EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) is most frequently asked to host/organize the following: MICE, Team Building, Reward Party, Incentive, Sales Conference, Product Launch, Private party, Birthday party, Kids party, Bachelor party and Hen nights in Bangkok.

Event Grid StartLet EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) organize your group activity in Bangkok. We are happy, willing and able to organize your corporate or group events. We have an event formula to suit everybody.

Grand Prix: An authentic F1 race. Consists of a warm-up session, qualifying session and a final. After the race is over we will have a podium presentation for the top 3 finishers (including trophies).

Endurance: Le Mans style race. After a warm up session for everybody there will be a non-stop race for however long you want to arrange. This is ideal for team building. We can have up to 10 teams with 3-10 drivers per team. After the race is over we will have a podium presentation for the top 3 finishing teams (including trophies).

Free Schedule: It’s up to you! With this option you can take advantage of our venue and hold meetings or parties and then use our karts and track as you see fit. If you need finalizing the details, we are always more than happy to help.

For those who want to go the full hog we can also provide a buffet menu, drinks packages and Umbrella/Pretty girls for the event.


Go Karting in Bangkok just got a lot more instant. See who is on form this month or even today. Want to register on our system before you arrive please click here

Want to have your times posted on Facebook as soon as you finish the race register on our system using your Facebook login details.

For those who want even more, download our mobile app by clicking here. You will get all the information about you and your friends/group you could dream of. Let the Fun activities in Bangkok start now. If this isn’t one of the top things to do in Bangkok I don’t know what is.