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Come join us for an indoor skydiving experience you will never forget … No parachute, no jump and NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. If you are looking for things to do in Koh Samui, our newest activity at Chaweng lake will give you the thrill of a lifetime! Ideally located at the famous Chaweng lake, it is definitely an activity to try if travelling to Koh Samui.

First time Flyers
2 skydives

Chaweng lake activities (4)

Experience the feeling of flying with 2 Skydive simulations.

The best value for individual flyers to get started

Adult : 1 800 THB

Kid (under 1.40 height): 1.500 THB

Access card
10 skydives

Indoor skydiving in Koh samui

Share between up to 5person 10 skydive simulations.

Perfect for small group from 3 to 5 Flyers.

10 Skydives : 8 100 THB

Advantage : Get 1 Free Skydive

Access card
20 skydives

Chaweng lake activities (3)

Share between up to 10person 20 skydive simulations.

Ideal for group or parties of up to 10 flyers.

20 Skydives : 15 300 THB

Advantage : Get 3 Free Skydives

  • Useful info : Briefing before entering flying chamber 20 – 30 mins
  • A skydive is the equivalent of a jump from a plane at 4000m high.
  • Equipment provided : Fly suit, gloves, glasses, helmet, shoes.
  • Length of your experience on site : 1 hour
  • For Access card holders please schedule your flights by e mail