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Go Karting PATTAYA

logo easykart pattayaOUR COMPANY

EasyKart PATTAYA (Bali Hai Pier) go karting brings speed and fun in a safe environment to Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya, Thailand. If you are looking for things to do in Pattaya, our outdoor Go karting stadium will bring you, your family and friends great excitement on days of boredom!

Here is where it all started …
EasyKart PATTAYA (Bali Hai Pier) – Go karting is all about sharing fun and memories with your friends and family no matter your age or experience. It all started with a passion … After racing on a regular basis as a professional the founder of EasyKart – go karting decided to share the thrill and excitement he was having on tracks to anyone with or without experience.

Go Karting for all!
easykart-pattya-trackWe now have tracks in: Pattaya (Bali Hai Pier) – Bangkok(RCA) – Samui (Chaweng Lake)
All are welcome. Adults & kids can get their first time experience with the slower karts on our beginner track, or try and break the lap record with the powerful karts on the advanced racing track.

We are committed to bringing some fun into your holidays as well as having somewhere for the local residents to enjoy a bit of excitement on a regular basis. We are also happy to organize birthday parties, events, & corporate groups. Go karting at EasyKart PATTAYA (Bali Hai Pier) is great for young kids, teenagers and adults. It really is a fun activity for all …

easykart-pattya-facilitiesOUR FACILITY

Whether you are looking for things to do in Pattaya with your family or friends our facility will welcome you in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Our activity complex is a great place to spend a few hours of fun and excitement. You will have access to fresh drinks and food on the terrace of the second floor.

The second floor offers an amazing panoramic view of the track as well as the famous Bali Hai Pier. You can rest between your races or if you are not driving, just relax while your friends and family are on the track.

A pool table and a soccer table are also available to all while waiting for the next race.
For night sessions the night lighting system will allow you to race without any problems.
If you come here to challenge yourself or you friends you will be pleased to experience our timing system.

All visitors can get their picture taken to appear on our screens, every lap time is recorded and at the end of your race you can check your timing result on the second floor. You will get a print out of your results and the top 3 placed drivers will get to jump on the podium !


Cashiers: Our friendly cashiers will answer any questions you may have about the best karts to drive or the best packages to purchase. They will then guide you through the process of registering and purchasing the races.

IMG_7028 (002)

Track staff: Our highly trained staff are here to provide you with safety rules and regulations, teach you the basics of driving on our track, and ensure your race is one of the highlight activities of your stay in Pattaya.

Our staff are very friendly, so if you need a few tips to improve your time, don’t hesitate to ask them the right lines to take to help improve your lap times, or get recommendations on how to use the brakes and accelerator more effectively. There are up to 4 staff on track to monitor each race. Our remote-control system ensures safety for kids and adults when necessary. As safety of our guests is one of our main concerns, anyone driving dangerously will instantly be taken out of the race to let others enjoy it safely. Any or all the karts can be shut down by remote control if necessary.


Easy to access and perfectly located at Bali Hai Pier. When we say that we offer a fun activity for ALL, we really do mean it! To find your perfect fit we have 2 tracks to offer.

Beginner track : (Length: 350 m)This track is made specially for beginners with little or no experience. There are no unexpected surprises once racing. This track is the safest you can find, wide enough to avoid any collision and barriers on the side of the track. Large curves mean you can enjoy your race without being too technical on keeping your line. Be assured that you will be having fun with people of a similar skill level. This track is available for kids and adults from 1.10 meters tall. Depending on your age and size you will have access to karts with different engine sizes (see in About Our Karts for details).
Great fun lies ahead!!!

Racing track : (Length: 800m) Be sure to get a real adrenaline rush!
This track is the perfect ground to test your skills: straights, curves and a bridge …
If you are an advanced driver we are sure you will be fully satisfied to race with your friends and family on this track as it is wide enough to challenge and pass each other thanks to our track layout.

If you are not sure of your level we would recommend you go for one race on the beginner track before jumping into the racing track. At no time are you forced to accelerate. You are the one in control of your speed … The racing track does look particularly attractive … Go for it!
This track is not available for kids.


Finding a family friendly activity in Pattaya might seem difficult but take a look at some of the videos above and the pictures below to see how much fun others have had.
If you are the competitive type take a look at the Fastest of the Month page and then see if you can improve on the lines shown on the Track Layout.


Come go karting with us, you will find 4 different kart models to suit your needs.

Kids kart
  • Max. speed 25 km./h
  • from 7 – 13 years of age
  • Above 130 cm. height

The kids karts are low speed karts to avoid any accident or loss of control of the vehicle. Very easy and safe to drive if it is your first time. These karts are available for the beginner track. Just have some fun!

kart 160cc

Regular kart
  • Max. speed 40 km./h
  • from 12 years of age
  • Above 140 cm. height

This kart is a low speed kart as well for adult beginners. Easy to handle, you can be sure to have a great time without being scared of driving too fast and losing control. These karts are available on the beginner track. Enjoy your race and be the first to cross the finish line!

kart 270cc

Fast kart
  • Max. speed 70 km./h
  • from 15 years of age
  • Above 150 cm. height

This adult kart is the highest speed kart for adrenaline lovers. If you are a good driver or already have go karting experience. You can jump into this kart and start your race on the advanced racing track! Without any doubt a thrilling moment …

2 Seater kart
  • Max. speed 35 km./h
  • Adult from 20 years of age + Kid Above 110 cm. height or 2 Adults

We haven’t forgotten your younger ones … This adult + kid kart is a low speed kart designed for young kids who aren’t old enough to drive by themselves. The adult is in charge of the speed and direction, and the young kid can just enjoy the race as if he/she was driving themselves! Great fun ahead!

*Safety equipment (crash helmet & racing suits) are provided.

**Sport shoes are compulsory (Also available for rent on site).


Come to our track and try go Karting in Pattaya, you will find an amazing track layout which encourages you to have some fun with your group.
If you are looking for things to do whether you are with your family or your friends you will definitely find that EasyKart PATTAYA (Bali Hai Pier) is a perfect fit.


We have a beginner go karting track which is 350
metres long which can be used for adults and kids that are driving for the first time. It is great fun in a safe environment.
On this track we use lower powered karts as well as 2 seater karts so young and old can have fun time.


If you are our go karting racing track is for you!
Perfect for groups, family or friends. We use the powerful 270 cc karts on our 800-metre long track. For adrenaline lovers it’s great fun and one of the most exciting experiences you can have on Pattaya.


Our modern timing result system will track your performance for each lap. At the end of your race your results, as well as the results of your group, will be automatically printed out. This will show you the time of each of your laps as well as your best lap time. You can also see the best times done during the month and try to beat it! If you can manage to be the Fastest of the Month your picture and results will be put up on our Champions board!


Leisure go karting is a wonderful opportunity to organize successful group event, corporates or simply a great fun birthday party!

All will share an unforgettable experience with no experience needed. It is a great activity for team building, who will break the timing result? It is time for you to discover what your team and friends are capable of in a fun atmosphere … The challenge is on!

Organize a GRAND PRIX challenge for your group …

BIRTHDAYS & PRIVATE EVENTS : We will set up a great event whether it is for a group of kids (lower power karts) or a group of adult (higher power karts) . We will organize your event depending on your need and schedule. Our staff will be there for you during the whole event to make sure you can spend a pleasant time in our venue.

BACHELOR PARTY : Getting ready for the big day?
Go karting is the perfect fit for your group of best friends and family to come together for real fun before D day! If you are looking for things to do in Pattaya with you group no doubt EasyKart PATTAYA (Bali Hai Pier) will provide you with a day of laugh and emotion.

Combine work and entertainment in an informal environment!
Go karting is an amazing activity for team building, your group will come together and test their skills in a fun environment. The tournament bring challenge to the most competitive ones as well as entertainment and amusement for others.
Delightful thing to do on Pattaya whether you are a small or big group.